Handmade Birthday Cards

What are Handmade Birthday Cards

Birthday cards have become expensive today. They also require a lot of felled trees to come up with its style and features. Some cards have common messages that they also become impersonal and lost the thought’s sincerity. To express utmost message, many resort to handmade birthday cards.

Unlike the traditional birthday cards created by machines, the handmade cards are of course, handcrafts. This includes preparing the card and writing the message. There are many ways to make a handmade birthday card using recyclable materials from paper to design to its color. One common method is the photo of the birthday celebrant or a group or family picture if the birthday celebrant is a friend or a family.

You can print a large size of the photo using a different material. If you have your own printer, you can print it on your own using a material of your choice. You can also go to photo printing shop and ask the staff to print it using materials like linen, laid or wove or the material used in post cards, standard cardstock paper. At the back of the “photo” type postcard is your birthday message for the celebrant.

Handmade birthday cards are not only romantic, but also effective in getting your message across. Certainly, the birthday celebrant will be touched by your creativity and thoughtfulness. The effort itself that you exerted in preparing the card is already well appreciated.

You can also replace the photo with other images like a coffee shop where the birthday celebrant loves to hang out or the favorite dish or dessert. Anything is possible; the only limit is your mind.

Another way to make a handmade card is through the use of a computer and software programs like adobe photoshop or corel draw. If you are familiar with those programs, then your mind must be processing the creativity right now. However, if those programs are new to your knowledge, you can search for it and take time to study how it works.

You can also resort to a simpler way like using a picture manager or a word processor and fill it with information like images, art clippings, and your message written in colored text and creative fonts. The font size too can be adjusted according to your specifications. Then save your works and print it.

Some creative individuals manage to create handmade birthday cards on a word processor and the outcome is similar to a traditional birthday card— a front and back cover or a whole page of paper folded four times with messages and graphics both on the interior and exterior.

If you love cutting out images and prints from other materials like magazines, newspapers and other publications, you can also make technically handmade birthday cards. Using specialized papers like those mentioned earlier, you can paste the cut-out pictures on the card, along with cut-out letters to form your message.